To put it mildly

by Valeri Petrov

Stage Adaptation and Directing: Tsveti Penyashki

Stage design: Iliana Stefanova

Music: Milen Apostolov

Choreography: Maria Dimitrova


Director Tsveti Penyashki, stage designer Ilina Stefanova, composer Milen Apostolov, choreographer Maria Dimitrova and actors Elitsa Stoyanova, Dilyana Spasova, Kaloyan Georgiev, Lyuben Chanev and Stanislav Matev paint on stage the ugliness of every imaginable lie or deceit and make us aware of the troubles and sorrows we may cause to our loved ones and ourselves.

Little Svetlio, in his desire to complete his collection of Indians, is lying that he did not receive the letter containing his grandmother's money.

In his troubled dream, he realizes that the ruthless and bad man has no right to mercy and indulgence, that without doing good alone, you cannot expect good from others.