Text: Veselka Kuncheva & Ina Bozhidarova

Director: Veselka Kuncheva

Scenography & puppets: Marieta Golomehova

Music: Hristo Namliev

Choreography: Yavor Kunchev

Light design: Tomash Moravec & Katarina Durikova


„The foundations” of the “FEAR” performance were „built” in April 2014 during the VІІI International Art Laboratory – atelier in Stara Zagora. The whole creative process will be documented step by step in a film created by:

Playwright and Director: Maria Stoyanova 

Operator: Veselin Hristov 

Montage: Nina Altaparmakova

“FEAR” tells the story of a man who is forced to look back in his past and analyze his life. It’s a story about our fears – about how we could handle them but actually we don’t. It’s a meeting between childhood, maturity and old age. And is it possible to live otherwise? … „FEAR“ is a performance about what we are trying to overcome but we can’t... about who we could be, but we are not ... about what we want to be, but we are not…”

                                                                                                                         Veselka Kuncheva – director