Militsa Gladnishka

Militsa Gladnishka is one of the most charming and artistic ladies on stage in Bulgaria. Music fans will tell you she is a marvelous jazz singer. Her voice is familiar from dubbed versions of feature films and cartoons. For many TV viewers she is Mimi from the sitcom Residential Property. Her TV part has become the key to her growing popularity. How did it all start? Here is more from Militsa: “It all started with piano lessons. I was trained for ten long years but I am not in love with this instrument. I then studied at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts in the faculty for puppet theater acting. In the meantime, I was studying opera singing and joined a rock band. My education continued ion London where in 2003 I completed a course at Morley College. What followed was a master class with jazz singer Vicky Almazidou and during the class I met talented trumpeter Ventsi Blagoev. Through him I came in touch with the Bulgarian jazz community and so I jumped into deep waters. My teacher in jazz is pianist Vasil Spasov. I am very grateful to him for the freedom he has given me. He is part of the Misho Yosifov Sextet We often team up for concert. I love the stage, be it the music or theater stage, and I am its slave. I have joined various projects. Apart from Misho Yosifov Sexter I have been working with Kiril Dobrev from Bulgara.”

Militsa plays in...