Dilyana Spasova

Dilyana plays in...

Peter the Rabbit

Peter the Rabbit (2012)

25.06.2023 11:00ч
State Puppet Theatre - Stara Zagora / open-air stage
Tickets at the ticket desk of State Puppet Theatre - Stara Zagora
To put it mildly

To put it mildly (2019)

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland (2018)

Cashchey Monster

Cashchey Monster (2018)


Turandot (2018)

Life as a Rage

Life as a Rage (2017)

Petya and the Wolf

Petya and the Wolf (2017)

She. Thumbelina

She. Thumbelina (2017)

Life is a Dream

Life is a Dream (2016)

The White Crow

The White Crow (2016)

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