The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

children's musical by D.T. Dimitrov

Dramatization: Maya Encheva and Bonyo Lungov

Staging: Bonyo Lungov

Directed by: Maya Encheva and Konstantin Karakostov

Stage design and costumes: Dilyana Parvanova

Composer: Misho Shishkov - junior

Choreography: Konstantin Karakostov


Children's favorite thing is to see their familiar characters from the classic fairy tales come to life.

This is exactly what happens in the spectacle of the Stara Zagora Puppet Theater "The Wolf and the Seven Goats".

Scary but also very funny and entertaining adventures will survive the seven goats, their mother and their friend Slavey Gorski to defeat the bad Kum Vulchan and the Owl Buhu-Uhu.

A colorful swirl of music, songs, dances, dolls and many unexpected twists will bring a cheerful mood not only to the children but also to their parents.