The White Crow

Author: Karel Chapek

Dramatization and Directing: Lyubomir Kolaksazov

Stage design: Victoria Andrekova

Music: Hristo Namliev


The White Crow is a tale of the wanderer Frantisek King, who is left with a briefcase. He keeps his trusted honesty and integrity. But suddenly the vagrant was arrested, charged with a crime and sentenced to death. And not only this! Francis the King later became very famous, not only among people but also among crows.

The White Crow is a fairy tale about the integrity of a poor little man and the prejudices of a society of corrupt, soulless officials who enslave their prejudices and are aware that they are happy only if they are materially rich.

The White Crow is the call of crows who call and seek out a man who is never king but is king of white crows.


Photography: Rad Dimitrov