The Nymph

Director: Iveta Georgieva

Stage design: Hristina Stoilova and Hristina Mladenovic - Hrastche

Composer: Margarita Drumeva

Choreographer: Mihael Gerginov 


"The Nymph" is a puppet dance-show for adults based on the so called fairy tale written by Ran Bosilek and the folk tale "Vida Nymph ". The show is a debut of the young theatre director Iveta Georgieva. Using the expressions of puppetry and dance theater, lights and music, the show tells a fascinating story about impossible love. Love - the invisible power that reveals the best in us. It warms our hearts and souls. It makes us glow. It transforms us. How an impossible love could become possible? What price do we have to pay? What do we have to leave behind? We’ll search for some answers in "The Nymph".