The Flight of the Mole

Text: Polina Hristova
Verses: Veselka Kuncheva
Director: Veselka Kuncheva
Stage design and puppets: Marieta Golomehova
Music: Milen Apostolov
Choreography: Nadezhda Dicheva
Cast: Polina Hristova

Photos: Alexander Bogdan Thompson


One day in the winter, the Mole realized she hadn't come out of her hole for years. She didn't know if she is able to survive outside. She didn't remember how the world looked like. She filled a plate with memories and ate them. She got a heartburn. Then she fell asleep and dreamed of flying.

"The Flight of the Mole" is a declaration of love to the fears we create. We raise them as little children, we feed them with our souls, dreams and longings until they grow up and take us over.

Producer: Puppet's lab.