Sugar troubles

Author and director: Yancho Ivanov

Lyrics: Maria Doneva

Scenography and puppets: Mihaela Dineva and Zhivko Kanev

Music: Plamen Petkov

Photos: Rad Dimitrov



I don't want to live a day without no sugar!

How could I survive without no sweets?!

I can’t thinking of anything else. Could you blame me?

How could I forget about candies?! Such a life would be salty and bitter!

I could not be happy without any sweets!

The Little Zahari loves to eat sweets but his teeth, brain, tummy and liver are not happy about it. The little boy finds out that what he loves the most is not always good for his health. With the help of the vegetables and fruits, he understands that sugar could be dangerous and he needs to eat healthy food in order to grow strong and full of energy.