Stories from the barrel

07.12.2022 19:30ч
State Puppet Theatre - Stara Zagora
12, 15 and 20 BGN
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Director: Dimitar Stefanov


What more could a man needs than the smell of gunpowder and dangers, the glitter of clashing sabers and the endless horizon of the sea?

What happens when he reaches the bottom of the barrel?

Is he going to push himself off or get swallowed by the sediments?

Is he going to find hope and meaning in the mud to keep walking to the truth for his existence?

Actor and director, Dimitar Ivanov - The Captain and Dimitar Stefanov are challenged to find answers to these questions with laughter and tears.

"That’s a performance full of love, born with love and performed with love... In fact, the whole story is a love confession to life” says the director Dimitar Stefanov.