Lenchen’s Secret


based on Michael Ende

Translation: Lidya Racheva

Dramaturgy and directing: Elitsa Petkova

Stage design: Ivaylo Nikolov and Iva Gikova

Music: Plamen Petkov

Animation: Teodor Kiryakov

Poster: Ivaylo Nikolov and Iva Gikova

Photos on the poster: Yova Petkova

Trailer: Alexander Bogdan Thompson

Photos from the work process: Kaloyan Georgiev

Photographer: Alexander Bogdan Thompson


DURATION: 55 min.



„Lenchen’s Secret“ based on Michael Ende is a story about the collision of children and adults. The children must obey their parents without arguing, always! Because there are things a person has to do whether he likes it or not. But not every person, children only. Until a small paper airplane comes to change everything. Lenchen wants to be heard. She wants under her roof, her word to be law so a storm of paper airplanes bursts into her room. “A Fairy!” is written on one of them. Lenchen grabs her jacket and leaves. Whether the fairy is good or bad doesn't matter, what matters is that she does magic. And she can do that! Two small sugar cubes and everything changes! The world is different and children and grown-ups change their places! The game is changing! Lenchen can do whatever she wants. But can Lenchen handle everything in the world on her own?

If your parents are so small that they can sleep in the dollhouse and they can't protect you, can YOU fight back the world? If you cut yourself, if you're hungry, if you're locked out? And how much magic is needed to learn that whether you are young or old, you must listen to others? Quite a bit - just like two cubes of sugar!