Performance of Proff. Zheny Pashova and Proff. Petar Pashov

Music: Proff. Dilyana Micheva


“Insomnia” is a mixture of miniatures, unified by the “love” theme. People’s complicated relations are  revealed in an environment of unique Bulgarian folklore songs and visual theatre’s means of expression. The creation of these miniatures was inspired by Bulgarian myths and legends: The Wood-nymphs who take the soul of everyone who dares to see their beauty. The water, the one, we drink everyday but really understand it’s price when we share it with someone else. The cradle of our life which can make us fly if someone swings it…
Come and dive in a world where you will find love in all her dimensions – tender, passionate, burning, impossible, unattainable, sinful and still so, so real.

Insomnia is a state of the spirit – indulge in it!