Commedia almost Dell'Arte

Improvisations for adults

Production of the VIth International Art Laboratory

Staging: Ishtvan Nagi

Assistant: Gabiela Hadzhikostova

Music: Gabriela Vasileva

Masks: Nikolay Demerov, Zhivko Kanev


Commedia Dell'Arte is an improvised stage art born in the middle of XVI century in Italy. As it's  belived, the commedia has been based on the traditional ancient games influenced by the satires at that time.

The first written scenario is dated at 1568. Since 1570 the best troupes fascinate France and Italy with their plays. Commedia Dell'Arte still have its presence and influence on the modern dramaturgy and stage arts.

The improvisations are essential for the Commedia dell'Arte style, typical also for the street theatre at that time. Improvisation is the basic element of the performances of Stanislavski, Jerzy Grotowski, Giorgio Streler and Peter Brooks in XX century.