Cashchey Monster

based on Russian folk tales

Dramatization and production: Lyubomir Kolaksazov

Stage design and puppets: Victoria Andrekova

Music: Hristo Namliev

Artistic lighting: Ivaylo Markov

A graduation performance by Lubomir Kolaksazov - director


A magical tale of brave princes, beautiful princesses, magical creatures, witches and terrifying monsters.

A story of promises that are easy to make but difficult to keep;

about the doubts that tempt us;

about the faithfulness that we have but have difficulty maintaining;

about the loneliness from which we run;

about the love that makes us better.

And about....

the Cashchey Monster


Photography: Kalina Borisova


Cashchey - Tsveti Penyashki

Ivan Tsarevich - Kiril Antonov

Princess Mary Morena Premudra - Elitsa Stoyanova

The Stone Witch - Dilyana Spasova

Orlitsa, sister of Ivan Tsarevich - Tanya Georgieva

Eagle, King of the Kingdom of Heaven - Stanislav Matev