Alice in Wonderland

based on Lewis Carroll

Dramatization and directing: Elitsa Petkova

Stage design: Ivaylo Nikolov and Iva Gikova

Music: Plamen Petkov

Multimedia: Teodor Kiryakov

Animation: Roxana Markova

Photos: Gergana Damyanova



"Alice in Wonderland" is a story about imagination. 

A story about children's imagination trying to create a world of endless fantasy, fiction and absurdity with the clear purpose to give a chance to children to stay children. A world where adults look like a Caterpillar, a Cat at a crossroad, a Rabbit with a clock or a Queen of Hearts...

And it’s exactly in this world where Alice grows up, learns how to stand for herself and defeats meaninglessness.

A moment, a dream, a fiction aiming to preserve a little more imagination, a little more childlike faith.