Director: Krasimir Gospodinov

Stage design and puppets: Zhivko Kanev

Costumes: Veska Nedelcheva


In the play "AbraTeatra" you will meet the magic of puppet theater and magic tricks.

Mag Theos and puppet actress Tunnie will bring you into a magical and very entertaining world.

The stern wizard and the cheerful actress will find themselves in various funny and absurd situations.

Puppy Dog, Singer, Indian Magician will put Theos and Tunnie magician in situations where the two will change roles - Tunnie becomes a magician and Theos is an actor.

Fire, funny actors, attractive dolls, flying and disappearing objects - this is part of the magical whirlwind in which the performance of "AbraTeatra" will turn you.

And let's not forget the Voice Man who will direct, conduct, provoke and, above all, help them get out of situations that serve each other.

And whether Tunis and Theos will continue to travel the world, you will find out by coming to watch the play "AbraTeatra".