Based on: N. Vaptsarov

Director: Polina Hristova

Stage design: Marina Yaneva

Composer: Milen Apostolov

Choreographer: Yavor Kunchev

Consultant: Veselka Kuncheva

Assistant choreographer: Romina Slavova

Photos from the staging process: Yova Petkova

Phptographer: Aleksandar Bogdan Thomson



"I shouted for years —

An eternity . . .

I gathered the others too shouted in chorus

The factory,

 the machinery

And the man

in the farthest

darkest corner."

N. Vaptsarov "FACTORY"

"Factory" is a performance about the Universe hidden inside the insignificant man’s soul ... It’s a performance about the importance of every single person - of his thoughts, dreams and longings. About the one who is still searching for meaning of life but who has deeply buried his faith, courage and hope under the machines’ soot and oils. "Factory" is the shout for the man. The song about the man. The love towards the man!

We would like to express our special thanks to State Opera Plovdiv for providing the record of "Carmina Burana: O fortuna" by Carl Orff performed by the choir conducted by Dragomir Yosifov and the orchestra conducted by Emil Tabakov and to company "Bulcore", Kostenets.

The performance has been realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, The Restoration and Development of State, Regional and Municipal Cultural Institutes 2022 Program