Idea: Anna-Valeria Gostanyan, Elitsa Mateva and Stanislav Matev

Director: Elitsa Mateva

Stage design: Anna-Valeria Gostanyan

Music: Stanislav Matev

Photos: Yova Petkova



 „The Dwarves' Workshop“ - 10 min.

 „Santa’s trip“ -  6 min.

 „The Christmas eve“ - 6 min.


Age category: 3+ years


“A Christmas moment” is the newest performance of State Puppet Theater - Stara Zagora. You can dive with it into the magical world of the box theatre form called “caja lambe-lambe”.

Theatre “lambe-lambe” is a style of puppetry with miniatures invented in 1989 in Brazil. It offers a unique experience for up to three spectators at the same time with a three to ten-minute long show. Most of the stories told are usually non-verbal and provoking the imagination by animating small puppets and objects accompanied by sounds and lighting. The spectator put the headphones on, looks inside the box through a peephole and moves into the magical world created for him by the puppeteer.

Our “Christmas moment” has three parts – three boxes telling the stories of „The Dwarves' Workshop“, „Santa’s trip“ and „The Christmas eve“ so you could feel our sense of Christmas.