Deliorman's storks

Dramatization and direction Nadia Asenova

Scenography and costumes Todor Raykov

Participants: Kamen Ivanov, Violeta Zhelyazkova, Nevena Dencheva, Ralitsa Neykova, Rositsa Kehaiova, Tanya Karbova, Tsvetana Radusheva, Biser Marinov, Veselin Borisov, Evgeni Stefanov, Ivan G. Ivanov, Nikolay Syarov, Jacek Yankov

Duration: 100 min


Have you been to Deliormana? It's fabulous: the moon is huge, the nature is enchanting, and the people…

Here, for the people is our performance. "Deliormana's Storks" is a theatrical journey based on three stories by the Dobruja author Dr. Hasan Efraimov. These are three legends about Beya and his village, which tell about love, betrayal, mistakes, good deeds, but most of all - about Hope. Hope - who carries it, who sends it, how it touches us. Isn't it just the caress of a bird's wing - both beautiful, fragile and wise...

A little in the Radichkov style, a little in the Hait style, mostly in the Ephraim style, we will guide you in this story. We will be among the wheat in the field, we will peek into the barns of the Beys, we will sit in the cafe of Keur Memish and listen to the amujas and their thoughts.

Actually, Deliorman's Storks is a tale for adults (for children too, of course), but in any case it's something you'll remember. Because such are the legends of Deliorman, written by Hasan Efraimov and brought to life on the stage at the Anton Strashimirov Drama Theater and the Nazam Hikmet stage - Razgrad.

Treat yourself to this show, we are waiting for you!

Nadia Asenova