by the Brothers Grimm
dramatization by Dimitar Pavlov and Zlati Zlatev
director and musical arrangement Zlati Zlatev
scenography Kosta Orthodoxov
Participants: Victoria Ivanova, Silvana Petrova, Georgi Yanev, Andrey Ivanov

recommended age: 3+


A production of State Puppet Theatre - Sliven.


"In a moment of happiness and joy, we must not forget that there is also evil"

For many years the palace and the whole kingdom had been burdened with grief and suffering. The king and queen had everything, but they had no children. One night, late at night, the three fairies - of Wisdom, Beauty and Evil - met at the gates of the palace and decided to help. Not long after, a beautiful little princess was born. Happiness and joy spread throughout the kingdom. At the birthday party, however, the king and queen forgot to invite the Evil Fairy and, as often happens, evil appeared uninvited... The orissance's punishment was cruel - "in early youth the princess will die". But as in every fairy tale, good with the help of wisdom, beauty, and above all love won - the princess came to life...