after Gianni Rodari

Dramatization and direction: Denitsa Doncheva

Composer: Stanimir Ivanov

Scenography and puppets: Georgi and Tanya Pasevi

Idea concept: Denitsa Doncheva

Trailer: Denitsa Doncheva

Poster: Georgi and Tanya Pasevi

Photos: Gergana Damyanova

Sewing studio: Teodora Boneva

Participants: Kremena Staneva, Martin Marinov, Vasil Marinov, Radinela Toteva, Hristina Stoyanova

Suitable for children over 3 years old.

Duration: 40 min.



How many teachers does it take to teach a small puppy to bark?

And who is the best teacher for a puppy?

The rooster, the cuckoo or the man?

Should you be able to bark if you're a dog?

And many more questions that a small and inexperienced puppy seeks answers to while finding himself. Such a tale has several endings, because there are many paths we can take as we grow up. We may even be fooled by listening to this or that...

But at the end of every fairy tale, love wins, and the world from black and white becomes colorful.