The Apocalypse Comes at 6 PM

Author Georgi Gospodinov

Directed by Leonard Capon

Scenographer Hristina Nedeva - Hrastche

Music by Plamen Petkov

Participants: Velizar Evtimov, Yordan Stoyanov, Evdokia Encheva, Staiko Staikov, Mihaela Andonova, Ivelin Nikolov, Elin Stoyanova

Photos by Rosina Pencheva

Suitable age 16+

Duration 70 min.


"The apocalypse is not necessarily global collapse, horsemen, trumpeting angels, fire and brimstone. Rather, it is minimalistic and silent. Sometimes the end of the world is something very personal and everyday. It comes in that hour of the early autumn evening, in that minute , when the light has already gone and the darkness has not yet come. In this long minute, the stories here happen. The minute before."

Georgi Gospodinov