You can watch in July the new premiere for children - "Little Red Riding Hood"

Dear friends,

Despite the complicated economic situation, the shocking daily statistics and the extraordinary epidemic conditions our team has continued to work and create artistic treasures for our spectators. On Luly 22nd and 26th you can watch the premiere of the "Little Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault.

The task has been implemented by the director - Tsveti Penyashki /"Petya and the Wolf", "No Way Out", "To put it mildly", "The Christmas Tree" /, the set designer - Ilina Stefanova and the composer - Milen Apostolov /nominated for IKAR 2019 Award for the music of "To put it mildly"/.

The characters in the show will be animated by the actors Ivana Boboycheva, Maria Dzhoykeva, Yordan Tinkov and Lyuben Chanev.

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