Puppets in "FAUST"

Eight actors from State Puppet Theater - Stara Zagora play in "Faust" - a performance of State Opera - Stara Zagora. With the premiere of "Faust" on November 17th will be opened The Festival of Opera and Ballet Art 2022. Our actors manipulate totally 15 puppets and masks, created by the artists of State Puppet Theater - Stara Zagora - Yanita Dimova and Zhivko Kanev and designed by Prof. Vasil Rokomanov and Silva Bachvarova. Tsveti Penyashki is the director of the part of the performance including puppets.

The manager of State Opera - Stara Zagora – Mr. Ognyan Draganov produces a show with puppets for a second time.

“After the success of “Turandot” - the first opera with puppets, we are now expecting the applauses of the audience for "Faust", says Mr. Ognyan Draganov. He shares also that he got the idea to ​​include puppets while he was watching a puppet show on La Rambla st. in Barcelona. Even Goethe's idea for writing "Faust" was born from a puppet show.

“The puppets recreate the parallel world we don't see. The world of good and evil”, says Mr. Draganov.

Tsveti Penyashki thinks that the purpose of the puppets is to enrich delicately the environment where the main characters act. To emphasize the decisions, to add features and to complete the scenes. The size of the puppets is unusual. There are really big ones and Mephistopheles is 10x8 m.

The types of the puppets are different. Some of them are manipulated with the help of cranes. Others are small masks animated by the children from the Children's Art School at the Opera. There are four devils and four angels.


The names of our performers are Bilyana Raynova, Maria Dzhoykeva, Zlatina Karaeneva, Tatyana Andreeva, Stanislav Matev, Lyuben Chanev, Kaloyan Georgiev and Yancho Ivanov.


350 people have worked over the creation of the performance and 130 of them play on the stage.

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