From children for children: Premiere of the children's theater school to the theater on Children's Day

DKT Children's Theater School presents "Peter Pan"

The children's theater school at the Stara Zagora Puppet Theater premiered on 1
June, International Children's Day. The children from the school will present to the little ones
grown-up children from the audience of the play PETER PAN by James Matthew Barry.
The directors of the school are the actors Ivana Boboicheva and Kiril Antonov.

The children's theater school of the Starozagorsk Puppet Theater is the only school in
the city that trains children to play with dolls like real great artists.
The children in the school are divided into two age groups, from 7 to 10 years and from 10 to
14 years. The performance that they chose to present to an audience of the older ones
June 1 is Peter Pan by James Matthew Barry.

Participants: Alexander Dimitrov, Valentina Stoyanova, Veronika Nikolova, Viktor
Traikov, Jasmina Ruseva, Zhelyo Hristakiev, Zara Koleva, Maria Dimova, Mirela
Zhelyazkova, Plamen Dimov, Radina Halvadzhieva. The photographer is Kaloyan Georgiev, and the author
on the poster Maria Joykeva-Deneva.

The premiere is on June 1 on the big stage of the Puppet Theater at 6 p.m., the entrance is
free. The next shows are on June 7 and 21 at 7 p.m.

If you also want your child to attend the Children's Theater School in age groups
7-10 years or 10-14 years, you can get more information on the phones of
managers: 0883 521 246 and 0885 477 757

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