The Puppet Theater won the "Stara Zagora" collective award for the eighth time

The puppet theater received the "Stara Zagora" collective award for 2024
in the direction "Culture and Art" for the realization of the performance "The Secret of
Lenchen" by Michael Ende, directed by Elitsa Petkova.

In March, the theater also received an IKAR award for the best puppet show for
"The Secret of Lenchen" and an individual nomination for directing in the category
"Achievement in puppetry" for Elitsa Petkova for the direction of
the spectacle.

"The Stara Zagora award is especially dear to us among all our awards, because
it is the assessment of the community we live in because we are the Puppet
theater of Stara Zagora." This is what the director of
the Darin Petkov Theatre.

The quality of the play "The Secret of Lenchen" and the importance of the themes that
he caused turned it into a theatrical event for which the doors of
theaters in Bulgaria and abroad are wide open. Theater criticism
called the show modern, exciting and perfect in all its aspects
components, and the Staro Zagora Puppet Theater presented as a theater from
the future.

At the ceremony in the National Theater in March, the theater was also honored with
diploma from the Ministry of Culture for high results achieved in
the field of theater management and creative activity for 2023.
In the reasons for the nomination for the "Stara Zagora" Award, it is said that
The Staro Zagora Puppet Theater would like to submit its performance through
the year of these awards and to be presented through puppetry
an art he makes as a creator of national wealth and self-esteem
as well as a factor for a higher quality of life. Those working in the theater are
we try to keep the theater as a temple of the spirit.

This is the eighth "Stara Zagora" award for the Stara Zagora Puppet Theater in
the present century and recognition of the leading role it has as a cultural
institute on a regional, national and international scale.

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