"LENCHEN'S SECRET" - a new premiere for kids

"Lenchen's Secret" is the newest performance for children produced by the Puppet Theater in Stara Zagora. The premiere is on March 10 at 6 p.m. in the theater hall. The direction and dramatization are by Elitsa Petkova, the scenography is by Iva Gikova and Ivaylo Nikolov, the music is by Plamen Petkov, the animation is by Teodor Kiryakov.

Cast: Anna-Valeria Gostanyan, Elitsa Mateva, Ivana Boboycheva, Yordan Tinkov, Lyuben Chanev and Maria Dzhoykeva.

The story was written by Michael Ende. The dramatization is by Elitsa Petkova, who is convinced that every child can identify with her. Lenchen /Helena/ is a child who does not agree with the rules imposed on her by her parents. The parents also do not agree to give way. The idea of the show is that family is a value and everyone together must choose the rules to deal with life, to be healthy, happy and fulfill their dreams. In the family, there needs to be a balance in which everyone feels good, is the suggestion of the director. There are also rules that must be followed and this applies to everyone. There are two worlds in the play - the home world and the fairy world. There's a secret, there's magic, and there're magic sugar cubes. At the end of the play, we understand that life is not so easy if there is no one to take care of you.

The scene is arranged to create a cinematic feel, with close ups and long shots. The main character is played by an actress, not a puppet, and this is also part of the impact of the show.

You can watch "Lenchen's Secret" in addition to the premiere on March 10 and on March 11 at 11 a.m. We are expecting you!

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