June 1 – Let’s celebrate The International Children's Day with the characters of State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora

We have something special for all kids in Bulgaria and all around the globe. 
Yes! There will be a celebration of the International Children's Day.
No! We could not see each other as usual.
BUT don’t forget we are very close with some fairy-tale characters like:
The Little Red Riding Hood 
Pippi Longstocking
The Little Mermaid 
The three little pigs
The Puss in boots 
The Frog Prince 
and they all love the International Children's Day!

So write us on childrensday_dkt_stz@abv.bg and tell us which one of the characters you want to congratulate your child. 

We need to know also  
the name of the kid:
his / her age: 
a favourite game / hobby / activity:
the name of a close friend:

We’ll make a video with the fairy-tale character and send it to you. 
Oh! How nice it will be!

Please send us your requests and info up to May 27, 2020!

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