The performance "Factory" for the 114th year of Vaptsarov's birth

December 7, 2023 marks the 114th anniversary of the birth of the poet Nikola Vaptsarov. We will mark the anniversary with the performance "FACTORY" based on his texts, which we will play from 19:30 on 7.12.

Nikola Vaptsarov is among the best Bulgarian poets, somehow ahead of his time and underestimated by his contemporaries.

During his lifetime, he published only one collection of poems - "Motor Songs" (1940) under the name Nikola Yonkov. Its circulation was 1,500 copies, and the funds for the publication were provided by his wife Boyka, by withdrawing money from the Mutual Aid Fund.For the collection of poems, the poet did not find the response he had hoped to provoke, neither among his writing brothers nor among his relatives. Even his mother scolded him saying: "It's nice, but you should write a nicer one so that simple people can understand it..."

And "Factory" is a performance about the universe, hidden in the soul of the little man...Small not in age, but in significance. A performance about the importance of every single person - of his thoughts, dreams and longings. To the one who is still looking for meaning in his presence on Earth, but under the soot and oils from the machines, he has buried deep within himself faith, courage and hope. It features most of the verses from Motor Songs.

"Factory" is a scream for man. A song about man. Love for man!



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