Gift Vouchers

Make an Original Gift - Buy a Theater Voucher!
You choose the value and the recipient chooses the performances!
We now offer gift vouchers that you can buy at a price of your choosing.

Vouchers are valid until the end of this theatrical season (July 15) only for productions of State Puppet Theater Stara Zagora.
They are exchanged for one-time tickets, which is why we suggest you buy several low value vouchers instead of just one of a higher value. These vouchers' recipient can exchange them for tickets to several different shows.

The difference in the price of the tickets selected and the voucher presented is at the expense of the bearer.
Example: You received a 30 BGN voucher, you buy 28 BGN worth of tickets with it. The remaining 2 BGN are non-refundable but if you purchase another 8 BGN ticket, you will pay only the difference of 6 BGN.

With the voucher you can buy tickets at regular prices as well as discounted tickets for retirees, for students, promotional cards or the Friends of the Puppet Theater Stara Zagora cards - subject to the requirements and conditions for the purchase of the relevant tickets.