Card "Friends of Puppet Theater Stara Zagora"

Holders of "Friends of Puppet Theater Stara Zagora" cards use the following privileges during the theater season:

2 visits to a performance for adults with 50% discount on 2 tickets in the range of 20 BGN.

Permanent privileges: Fixed price of 5 BGN for up to 4 tickets for one performance, purchased at the ticket desk of State Puppet Theatre Stara Zagora.

The card is valid one calendar year / validity date is indicated on the card / for all performances from the theater's own production played only on the stage of State Puppet Theater Stara Zagora.

The discounts of "Friends of the Puppet Theater Stara Zagora" card are not valid in combination with other discounts of the theater and are only applicable to ticket purchases at the ticket desk.

The card does not provide reserved space in the lounge, but provides the possibility of 24-hour reservation by telephone +35942/620 346 after providing the unique card number. The discount applies when purchasing the reserved seats.

Card price: 20 BGN

More information about the "Friends of the Puppet Theater Stara Zagora" card can be obtained by calling: +35942/620 346 or +35987 991 23 25
The card can be purchased at the ticket desk.