State Puppet Theatre – Plovdiv was found in 1946. It has been awarded with the Order of St. Cyril and Methodius - first degree. More than 340 production have been presented during the 73 theatrical seasons. About 5 new performances are produced every year and presented to nearly 30 000 spectators. The company has toured in more than 40 countries, taking part in many international festivals and wining more than 80 prestigious awards. Six of the performances of the Theatre are included in the “Golden Fund” of the Bulgarian National Television.

Since 1977 State Puppet Theatre – Plovdiv has been organizing a festival “An International Review of the Puppet Miniature” which since 1990 has been resumed under the name “Three Are Too Many, Two - Not Enough”.

Award-winner from a previous Pierrot edition:

Pierrot 2017
- The Best Directing Award
- GRAND PRIX – The Best Performance Award

THE BOWLER HAT - Pierrot 2021

Duration: 80 min.
Language: Bulgarian


based on Yordan Radichkov
Director: Katya Petrova
Stage design: Rin Yamamura
Music: Hristo Yotsov
Choreography: Anna Pampоulova
Assistant choreographer: Maria Dimitrova
Sound design: Svetlozar Georgiev
Animation: Sotir Gelev
Cast: Balena Landzheva, Velizar Evtimov, Ventseslav Dimitrov, Dimitar Nikolov, Elin Stoyanova, Ivelin Nikolov, Maria Dimitrova, Natalia Vasileva, Stayko Staykov


"Man has always held the illusion that he chooses his own hat, but never has he entertained that indeed it’s the hat that chooses the man. The hat rides its master's head without worrying of what he mutters under his breath. How and why does a man chase his hat? How men have begun to exterminate their hats as if they’re cockroaches. We’ll land ourselves in the period of the bald head – right during the changing of the hats…”


Photography: Martin Atanasov