Foundation Theatre "Corsair" was founded in 2014 by actors willing to pursue their own creative searches.

The main goals of the foundation are to create high quality artistic performances, to distribute them in the country, to organize creative labs and acting trainings.

PAPER STORIES - Pierrot 2021

Duration: 75 min.
Language: non verbal


Director: Dimitar Stefanov
Scenographer: Alek Curcic
Composer: Milen Apostolov
Cast: Ivan-Alexander Doychev, Hristo Petev, Velizar Evtimov


The project combines different types of paper /wrapping paper, rice paper, polyethylene paper, etc./ in order to create different worlds and characters. It starts from The Creation, passes through the mythological plots "Tower of Babel" and "Orpheus and Eurydice", touches the Bulgarian folklore with the "Swing" ritual and reaches the position of the modern man in our world of globalization. A kaleidoscope of the human history!


Photography: Denis Simeonov