Odivo is an independent theatre group formed in 2013. Its focuses on the creation of innovative author and puppet projects in Slovakia and abroad and on the cooperation with other artists creating its own theatrical language.

Odivo has been awarded at festivals in Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia and Czech republic.

Award-winner from a previous Pierrot edition:

Pierrot 2015
- The Best Actress Award
- The Best Directing Award

IGNIS FATUUS - Pierrot 2021

Duration: 60 min.

Language: non verbal


Directed by: Maria Danadova, Monika Kovacova, Ivan Martinka

Libretto, puppets and set design: Ivan Martinka

Artistic collaboration: Ivana Mackova

Music: Mariana Bodyova (cello), Lukas Kubicina (DJ and sound design)

Light design: Milan Slama

Production: Monika Kovacova

Cast: Maria Danadova, Ivan Martinka, Mariana Bodyova and Lukas Kubicina


The harder I look for light in the darkness, the clearer I feel the darkness in me.

The search for light is an archetypal, multicultural and relatable image.

Where does light end and darkness begin? Where does fear end and fascination begin?

Wherever there is a shadow, there must also be light.