Credo Theatre is an independent theatre founded in 1992 in Sofia by the actors Nina Dimitrova and Vassil Vassilev-Zuek.

The credo of the Theatre for more than three decades has been: ARTISTIC FREEDOM, IMAGINATION AND DEDICATION.

In 2008 The Union of Bulgarian Artists awarded Credo Theatre with an “Ikar” award for its contribution to the promotion of Bulgarian theatre and culture around the globe.

In 2009 Credo Theatre was nominated for the prestigious European award “|New Theatre Reality” awarded by the European Commission for innovations in the field of theatre.

The company’s productions have been presented at over 200 international festivals around the world and have won nearly 40 international awards.

DIARY OF A MADMAN - Pierrot 2021

Duration: 105 min.
Language: Bulgarian


based on N. V. Gogol
Script and Directing: Nina Dimitrova
Set and costume design: Nina Dimitrova, Vassil Vassilev – Zuek
Cast: Stelian Radev and the voice of Dimitr Nestorov


A story about thе long and thorny life path of an ordinary clerk from the bureau to the mental institution.
A story about the power of dreams, about imagination that can turn an asylum into a kingdom, a clerk – into a Spanish king.

A story about a mad romantic painter fighting with mercenaries and traitors, in order to be accepted and appreciated as an individual.
A story about madness as a way to revive & preserve human dignity in a world stinking of money.


Photography: creative team SvEmmA Svetoslav Kutsarov and Emma Bardizbanyan