About the Festival

Statute of the festival

International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival “PIERROT” was created in the year of 2000 under the initiative of Non-profit organization “PIERROT. It’s an unconventional European stage for puppetry, dedicated to a new and untypical art form: puppet theatre for adults. The festival is held once every two years in the period September 24 - 29. Organizers of the festival are State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora, Municipality of Stara Zagora, Non-profit organization “PIERROT”, Ministry of Culture with the organizational support of Bulgarian Center of UNIMA.

Non-profit associations, companies and other organizations also participate as co-organizers. The organization and holding of the event are funded by: Municipality of Stara Zagora; Ministry of Culture; State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora; Sponsorship, donations, joint activities, grants etc.

International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival “PIERROT” includes as additional events theoretical seminars, workshops, art market, exhibitions, street art, concerts.


- Development and promotion of the professional puppet theatre art;

- Recognizing the culture as an important element of the social integration and the citizenship;

- Transforming the theatre into a different future, into a bridge that crosses borders and establishes friendship and understanding between nations with different cultures and traditions;

- Establishing the foundations of a long term network for artistic and educational exchange and co-operation between puppeteers from different continents;

- Encouraging creativity and international spreading of cultural values, movement of artists, creators and their works. Emphasizing the cultural diversity and the development of new forms of art expression.


The organizers of International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival “PIERROT” open calls for applications for professional puppeteers, working in the field of puppet theatre for adults. The manager of the fest appoints a Selection Commission to estimate the proposals received.

Participants in “PIERROT” are professional Bulgarian and foreign companies. They present performances, created not earlier than 3 years before the respective festival edition.

Festival is grouped in two sections:

а/ puppet theatre for adults;

b/ experimental and new forms in the field of puppet theatre for adults.

The potential participants could apply with two performances. If so, one of the performances should be suitable for section b/ experimental and new forms in the field of puppet theatre for adults.

Applicants submit their written proposals (incl. application form, CD/DVD record, short description of the play, 6 photos, program, poster, reviews, letters of recommendation, press dossier and a technical rider) to the official address of State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora.

All accommodation and food costs are covered by the festival. Contracts are signed with all companies selected for participation in the competition program. Festival pays a fee to the companies for their presentation after they submit an invoice for the same amount. “PIERROT” is spread in Bulgaria. The number of the performances and the amount of the fee are indicated in the contracts with the companies, according to the festival’s budget.

Participants cover their travel expenses on their own.

The income, if any, from the performances presented within the festival program remains for the host.

The street art accompanying events are with free access. The companies receive a fee according to the contract signed.

The host shall pay the respective percent of the copyright to the creators of the performances presented within the festival program, if there are revenues from the tickets sale and against a copy of the contract governing the copyright distribution.


Awards and honours:   
Festival “PIERROT” is a competition. The manager appoints an International Jury of well-known theatre experts: authors, directors, composers, scenographers and actors to estimate the performances presented in the competition program.


The following awards are bestowed:
GRAND PRIX Best Performance Award –  a bronze statuette “PIERROT” made by the sculptor Emil Ivanov
Award for Experimental and New Forms – a bas relief “PIERROT”
Best Directing Award – a bas relief “PIERROT”
Best Stage Design Award – a bas relief “PIERROT”
Best Music Award – a bas relief “PIERROT”
Best Actor Award – a bas relief “PIERROT”
Best Actress Award – a bas relief “PIERROT”  
The Young Theatre Critics’ Award – a bas relief “PIERROT” 

Diplomas for participation will be bestowed to all participants.

Dr. Valentin Stoyanov gives an award for overall contribution to the development of puppetry in Bulgaria


Festival’s address:


46 “Gen. Gurko” st., 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Tel./Fax:  00359 42 620 420

e-mail: iptf_pierrot@abv.bg 

Festival manager: Mr. Darin Petkov