Small Theatre Company – Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Small Theatrе Company is an independent creative organization, working in the field of performing arts.

Established by four professional puppeteers in 2013, the company has been growing over the years, creating socially engaged performances with an emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development. Previous projects are "From the Tower" and "What Grandpa did, is always good".

Besides the theatrical activities, the Company is involved also in educational and creative development projects such as "Crazy journey in the world of theatre and cinema", "Workshop for Creative Awakening", "Veggirionettes" workshop etc.

Treasure Island V1.0 - Pierrot 2019

Duration: 50 min.

Language: Bulgarian

Director: Emil Yordanov

Scenography and 3D design: Arto Chividzhiyan

Original music and sound design: Georgi Strezov and Lyubomir Goshev

Software engineer: Lyubomir Rusev

Screenplay: Emil Yordanov

Cast: Alexandеr Mitev, Georgi Tenev, Emil Yordanov, Desislava Yordanova, Silvia Teneva, Tigran Torosyan /as the voice of the Black dog/

based on R. L. Stevenson’s classic novel – “Treasure Island“


The first performance combining puppetry and MR & VR technology (mixed reality and virtual reality). А scientific lab with its latest invention - "Dreams Simulator".
Someone from the audience will be lucky enough to be the chosen one who’s going to live out his dream. Jumping between realities, he gets stuck in a video game and the only way to escape it is to finish the game by finding Captain Flint's legendary treasure.
The audience will see the virtual objects in the physical space thanks to a mobile application and VR/AR headsets.


Warning: Performance is not suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or phobias!