La Capra Ballerina Puppet Theatre – Vitebro, Italy

La Capra Ballerina Puppet Theatre was founded in 1997 by James Davies and Laura Bartolomei. Jimmy and Laura have met in NY City. At that time, he was a sculptor and an illustrator and she was a dancer.

La Capra Ballerina originally was born as a wood sculpture workshop where researches on traditional puppet-making were carried out. The company has been providing custom made puppets and scenography for numerous puppeteers, theatres and collectors in Italy and abroad ever since. In 2000 Laura and James started experimenting with a theatre creation of their own and they’ve been travelling in Europe, Asia, Latin America and USA. They have shows at all kinds of venues - from theatre festivals to rice fields, from libraries to schools, museums, squares, and forests.

They carry out workshops for professional and children on wood carving, paper-maché, foam and latex applied in puppetry. They organize a Festival for puppetry and sustainable theatre in various villages in Alto Lazio area, inviting companies from the area and all over the world, promoting international and intercultural meetings.

They collaborate on regular basis with musicians, artists and social workers.

Preludes, Duck Death Tulip - Pierrot 2019

Duration: 47 min.

Language: English


Puppets, costumes and scenography: Laura Bartolomei and James Davies

Direction, video and music choice: Damiano Privitera

Music: Slawek Kwi & Slobhàn Mcdonald, Shostakovich, Stefano Trevisi, Saule, Gavin Boyars, Kronos Quartet, Twine Recorder

Inspired by the illustrated book “Duck, Death and Tulip” by Wolf Herlbruch

Freely adapted by: Laura Bartolomei and Damiano Privitera

Cast: Laura Bartolomei


We can give life to an object by making our thoughts its own.
When life leaves someone, we can make him immortal by making his thoughts our own.
… Death is dead.
A story about fear of life ending, about the prelude to this inescapable event, teaching us how to be brave and curious travellers to that final destination.