The Youth Theater was founded in 1932 by the puppeteers from the public association in Novi Sad called “Sokolsko Drustvo” with the special support of Dr. Vladimir Belajcic and Dr. Ignjat Pavlas.

The Theatre got its own building in 1936 - the memorial house “King Alexander I”. It’s a magnificent and modern building designed by the renowned architect Djordje Tabakovic with 166 seats and a brand new stage.

The theatre has been closed and seriously damaged during the Second World War. Right after its end it opened doors to visitors as Vojvodina Puppet Theater. The name has been changed during the years to City Puppet Theater, then only Puppet Theater and finally in 1968 the theatre got its present name.

The Youth Theater is the first puppet theater in Serbia and Vojvodina.

Nowadays it has two main stages: Children’s Stage and Drama Stage (since 1991).

For more than eight decades the Theatre has produced more than 300 titles, presented more than 20 000 plays watched by nearly 3 million people. It has been recognized with numerous awards and prizes at local and international festivals.

On The Wolf's Trail - Pierrot 2019

Duration: 60 min.

Language: Serbian

based on the novel “The call of the wild”

Playwright: Jakub Maksimov, Carolina Arandia

Director: Jakub Maksimov

Production designer: Carolina Arandia

Costume designer: Carolina Arandia

Composer: Lazar Novkov

Stage manager: Snežana Velimirović

Lights: Ratko Jerković

Sound: Miloš Romić

Stage technicians: Slavko Karapandža, Boban Toroman

Wardrobe: Dragica Vuksanović

Makeup: Gorislav Vidaković

Cast: Jelica Gligorin, Neda Danilović, Slavica Vučetić, Aleksa Ilić, Saša Latinović, Slobodan Ninković, Dejan Šarković


“On the wolf’s trail” is an original adaptation based on Jack London‘s famous novel “The call of the wild”. A theater composition with six actors, a drummer, ten microphones, four dogs and a deer. That‘s the story of the pet dog Buck who had a happy life until he was stolen and sold in Canada during the Gold rush. A journey full of distress and surprises!