„Panta rhei“ Studio for contemporary dance and pantomime – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

“Panta Rhei” is a studio for contemporary dance and pantomime situated in Plovdiv.

It was founded in 2010. “Panta Rhei” has already created productions, performed at festivals (“The Black Box Fest”, “ONE DANCE WEEK” etc.) and implemented various creative projects. The studio works mainly in the field of dance theatre. It offers classes in pantomime, contemporary and classical dances.

The studio is lead by: Denitsa Gerginikova and Maria Dimitrova.

The activities implemented by “Panta Rhei”studio take place at the Plovdiv Cultural Institute.

No Clothes - Pierrot 2019

Duration: 50 min.

Language: Bulgarian

Director and choreographer: Maria Dimitrova

Playwright: Katerina Georgieva

Sound design: Trifon Tashev

Dancers and performers: Savina Mitrashkova, Svetoslava Mancheva, Stanka Racheva and Maria Dimitrova


"No clothes" is a small performance about depersonalization. It could be seen in many different ways like vanity, our desire to be liked by all means, hesitation, doubt, fear of love.
Movements, dance and speech interact to show the level of overloading with desires, expectations, illusions, fears, needs and dreams that in many cases are not even ours. Man has become a vague and abstract creature, digging into remains and scraps to find his own words, feelings and dreams. What we want is to see him exposed at least for a minute – the way he truly is. What is inside, in his soul? We don’t even know. We could only imagine. The man inside, what does he look like? Does he talk? Does he sleep well? ... Just follow the rhythm.