Yamamoto Noh Theater – Osaka, Japan

Founded in 1927, Yamamoto NOH Theatre is the oldest existing NOH theatre in Osaka in our days. It has been registered as National Intangible Cultural Heritage of Japan.

Yamamoto NOH Theatre organizes and presents different events, mainly in the field of Japanese classical performing arts. It combines traditional Japanese architecture with new technologies like LED lighting, mobile applications and multilingual subtitles, thus attracting the large audience in Japan and abroad.

One of its main goals is to present the traditional NOH theatre as a living, relevant and functioning classic art.

Since 2010, Yamamoto Theatre has been giving 26 performances and 29 workshops annually thus presenting NOH Theatre beyond the limits of Japan in countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, France, Finland etc.

The theatre actively works with local cultural and diplomatic institutions in order to create long-term professional and cultural exchange.

Hagoromo (The Feather Mantle) and Tsuchigumo (The Ground Spider) - Pierrot 2019

Duration: 80 min. with 10 min. intermission

Language: Japanese

Leading actor: Akihiro Yamamoto

Cast: Fumihisa Oonishi, Motoharu Yoshii, Motonori Umewaka, Kazuo Imamura, Masanori Inouchi, Ryoichi Arimatsu, Taichiro Nomura, Kazuko Maeda, Takayasu Ando, Yoshiteru Taniguchi, Yuki Kasada, Yoshiaki Yamamoto

Musicians: Atsushi Saito, Tomohide Furuta, Noriyuki Moriya, Toru Tanaka

Lighting directors: Takayuki Fujimoto, Ryoya Fudetani

Stage director: Koichiro Furuya


“Hagoromo” (The Feather Mantle)

One spring morning, the fisherman Hakuryou finds a beautiful robe hanging on a pine tree. He decides to take it and keep it as family wealth, but suddenly a beautiful girl appears. She explains she is a celestial maiden serving at the Moon Palace. She demands her magic mantle back since without it she could never return to Heaven. At first, the fisherman refuses, but then, touched by her tears, he agrees to give the robe back in return for a dance.


“Tsuchigumo” (The Ground Spider)

The great warrior Raikou is stricken by an unknown and severe illness. One night, a strange monk enters his room. That turns out to be the evil spider demon Tsuchigumo who is also responsible for the bad condition of the warrior. After a short fight, Raiko stabs the monster but still it manages to escape. Hitorimusha - Raiko's faithful squire is sent to trace and kill the demon. The blood trail leads him and his fellows to an ancient stone mound ...