State Opera – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

State Opera – Stara Zagora is an institute with rich repertoire of opera, operetta, ballet performances and performances for children.

The orchestra regularly performs symphonic concerts with music from all styles and times.

Following traditions and being faithful to the classics, the Opera also has a sense for what’s new and modern so keeps walking on the hard way of arts along with those who believe it’s worth it.

Ghetto - Pierrot 2019

Duration: 70 min.

Language: non verbal

A ballet performance with Klezmer music and music of Goran Bregovic

Choreography and directing: Mario Piazza /Italy/

Adaptation: Ludovic Party /France/

Stage design: Todor Demerov

Costumes: Maria Hristova

Assistant Director: Penka Aleksandrova

Cast: Aneliya Dimitrova, Pascuale Kazeli, Tomoki Ishigo, Romina Slavova etc.; Ballet of State Opera Stara Zagora

With the special participation of Ofelia Hristova /soprano/ and Rumen Kakamakov /solo violin/;


„Ghetto” is a unique dance performance about the persecution of Jewish people. It changes lyrical moments with furious, liberating rhythms, the sounds of Klezmer music, Goran Bregovic, the Romani anthem “Gelem, Gelem” and the crying violins of the Hungarian gypsies.
There are different types of ghettos – the ghetto of religion, race or ethnic origins; the ghetto of the elite; the ghetto of our own intellectuality and emotionality; the ghetto of virtual life ... The ghetto is not a place, it’s an attitude and one's state of mind is the key to overcome it.