NATFA „Kr. Sarafov“ – Sofia, Bulgaria

In 2018, the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) “Krastyo Sarafov” celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Today the academy is a modern educational institution, an integral part of the Bulgarian education system and a symbol of the Bulgarian spiritual values. The professors in the Academy are authors of textbooks, books and studies in the field of science and culture; they take part in symposiums in Bulgaria and abroad, stage performances and make films.

The Academy is the oldest and so far the only one state-funded higher school for theatre and film arts in Bulgaria. It has a crucial importance for the continuity between generations in the theatrical and film process and for the upward development of those arts.

Academy’s success at national and international level speaks of its reputation. Many professors and students have won outstanding awards at the most prestigious international forums.

Circle of Life - Pierrot 2019

Duration: 70 min.

Language: non verbal

Staging: prof. Zheni Pashova

Director: Dr. Mihaela Tyuleva

Cast: Mariyana Petrova, Balena Landzheva, Iva Kirova, Yordan Tinkov, Daniel Dobrev, Ivelin Nikolov, Pavel Gromkov, Ralitsa Petrova, Sonya Todorova, Eline Stoyanova, Aleksandar Yordanov, Stayko Staykov, Rusita Boeva, Yoana Sedlasrska, Ventseslav Dimitrov, Sofia Treyman, Ivan Traykov, Vasilena Koleva, Denis Simeonov


“Circle of life” is a performance based on miniatures tracking the evolution of mankind and giving a forecast about its possible ending. Using unusual theatre techniques and metaphorical symbols, it reveals relationships between people at different stages of their evolution. The show asks about the meaning of life and gives answers to other universal questions.