State Puppet Theatre – Vidin, Bulgaria

State Puppet Theatre - Vidin was established in 1976. The team of the theatre involves ten actors, administrative and technical staff. The theatre hall has 150 seats.

The repertoire is addressed mainly to children’s audience, but there are also performances for adults. Each year, five new plays are staged and the repertoire includes 15 titles. More than 300 performances are played annually on stages in the town, the region, the whole country and abroad.

Performances of all genres, realized will different types of puppets could be seen on the stage of the Theatre.

State Puppet Theatre - Vidin has participated in many national and international festivals and won prestigious awards.

It has successful tours in Germany, Austria, Serbia, Albania, Mongolia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Turkey, Russia - the Island of Sakhalin, South Korea etc.

Chronologist - Pierrot 2019

Duration: 55 min.

Language: non verbal


Based on the idea of Ezekiel Garcia Romueu

Playwright: Laurent Cayon

Director and scenographer: Ezekiel Garcia Romueu

Sound environment: Angel Simitchiev

Live music: Zhoro Ivanov

Cast: Iroslav Petkov, Teodora Rashed, Hristo Ivanov, Plamen Kanev, Zhoro Ivanov, Margarita Kostova

The “Chronologist” performance looks more like an animated plastic art than a specific dramaturgy telling us about the world nowadays. It presents our utopias, dreams or their absence, all our lusts, passions and phantasms. The “Chronologist” reminds us of a future already gone and reveals the everyday problems concerning freedom, democracy, ecology, relationships. It’s a journey beyond time and beyond the Universe that recalls even more their true value.