"Stara Zagora" Award (2015)

"Stara Zagora" Award for high contribution in the cultural life of the city.

"LUT FEST" Awards (2015)

Awards for Best Performance (GRAND PRIX) and Golden Anim for the performance "The Wizard of Oz" at the 16th International Puppetry Festival for Children's Performing Arts "LUT FEST" 2015, East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

3 "IKAR" Awards (2015)

- "IKAR" 2015 for puppet performance awarded to "Fear" by Ina Bozhidarova and Veselka Kuncheva;

- "IKAR" 2015 for masterful technical realization awarded to "Fear" by Ina Bozhidarova and Veselka Kuncheva;

- "IKAR" 2015 for original music awarded to Hristo Namliev for the performance "Fear" by Ina Bozhidarova and Veselka Kuncheva.

"Stara Zagora" Award (2014)

"Stara Zagora" Award for high contribution in the cultural life of the city.

Award from "Two are Few, Three are Many" (2014)

Award for preserving the traditions of the Bulgarian folk tale given for the performance "The Unborn Girl", directed by Hristina Arsenova, at the 21st International Puppet Theater Festival "Two are few, three are many", Plovdiv.